About Our Program


UIC College Prep's Mission Statement:

UIC College Prep prepares students from under-resources communities to use their college degrees and careers to make a positive multigenerational change.

UICCP College Team Mission Statement:

The UIC College Prep College Counseling Department supports the school's mission by preparing all students to attend and graduate from the most selective and best-fit colleges available to them while also minimizing debt. To achieve this mission, the department utilizes a comprehensive approach throughout each student's high school and college career that is both data-driven and individualized through collaboration with students, families, and advisors.


Individualized Counseling

UIC College Prep is proud to offer high quality, individualized counseling for every senior. Each senior is assigned to a College Counselor who is responsible for meeting with them one-on-one, helping them build their list of colleges to apply to, reviewing their essays and applications, assisting them with financial aid forms and scholarships, and helping them make the best college decision for themselves and their family. Counselors are available to students during College Seminar as well as after school during office hours.

Alumni Support

UIC College Prep and the Noble Charter Network believes access to college gives opportunities to better future life options. After students graduate from UIC College Prep, a full-time Alumni Counselor tracks and supports graduates' progress throughout college.  Various means are used to reach out to every alum and support them. These include occasional check-ins, visits to college campuses, FAFSA workshops, resource referrals, and alum and parent office appointments. The Alumni Counselor guides students through issues they may encounter after high school graduation such as college adjustment, transferring, managing finances, social integration, academic interventions, and goal setting/future planning. Alumni and family can reach out to the current Alumni Counselor.

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