UIC College Prep has 1025 graduates who attend over 100 different colleges and universities including Dartmouth College, University of Notre Dame, the US Naval Academy, Brown University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Cornell University, University of Chicago, Franklin & Marshall College, the University of Michigan, and Northwestern University.

Alumni Counselors:

Mr. Carlos Rivas

312-835-1753 (work mobile)

Ms. Myriam Durán

773-318-9818 (work mobile)

Services Offered:

Alumni counselors work to support alumni in their college and career pursuits to lead fulfilling lives. To do so we support alumni with the following:

  • Develop relationships with alumni in order to be a resource they use often

  • Troubleshoot with alumni around different obstacles they face (financial aid/fees, difficulty in classes, problems with roommates, school/life balance, etc.)

  • Assist students with financial aid process including FAFSA, verification, and appeals

  • Assist students with the transfer process (with particular knowledge of City Colleges of Chicago)

  • Develop and implement a plan of action for struggling alumni

  • Track course selection, and semester grades to help alumni assess whether they are on-track

  • Visit college campus to meet with current alum

  • Work to facilitate the college enrollment of the Senior high school class

  • Maintain contact with each alum via phone calls, text, email, Facebook, etc.

Class of 2017 Achievements

    • 100% were accepted into 4-year colleges

    • Over 1,145 separate acceptances to college and universities across the country

    • Millions of scholarship and grant dollars have been awarded to our graduates

    • 1 Gates Millennium Scholar at Colorado College (full ride scholarship) & 2 Posse Finalists (full tuition scholarships)

    • Notable 2017 Grad Matriculation: 15 students matriculated to the University of Michigan, 2 to Washington University in St. Louis, 3 to the UIC Honors College, one to Vanderbilt University, and one to Northwestern University

*(updated Nov. 2017)  

Meet Our Alumni

"With my college degree I will be seen as a persistent and educated Latina capable of creating change. I will advocate for the people that aren't heard, and I will show students that challenges will keep us from fighting for our dreams, but we have the power to succeed."

Katherine, LSV Scholarship recipient,

UICCP, Class of 2012

Illinois Wesleyan University, Class of 2016


"I started high school at UIC College Prep in 2008 when I first encountered the song "Man in the Mirror." It was basically our anthem. I have been in a state of reflection for the past 8 years. I found my passions and drive, what I really wanted to do and accomplish in my life. Now my time of reflection has ended. The last stanza of the song is "Make That Change." Now I'm going to make a change."

Jasmine, UICCP, Class of 2012

Knox College, Class of 2016