Info Release Policies

Transcript Release Policy

UIC College Prep’s College Counselors will release official transcripts directly to colleges or scholarship organizations when requested by the student or parent. Students must submit proof of application, per the College Seminar application process. Only unofficial transcripts may be released directly to either student, or parent. College Counselors should receive all transcript requests at least 2 weeks before college or scholarship deadlines.


Recommendation Letter Release Policy

All seniors will waive their right to access all their letters of recommendation. UIC College Prep’s College Counselors will not release recommendation letters written by other teachers to students or parents. If recommendation letters are required for any college or scholarship, counselors will send them directly to the college or agency. If letters must be uploaded online, students must request them directly from their recommenders.


ACT Scores

UIC College Prep puts highest test score information on transcripts. The majority of colleges will accept this information, however there are a few colleges which require students to send their scores directly from the ACT website (at a cost of $12 per exam, per college). Students may select 4 colleges to send their scores to for free, per exam.


Grade Point Average

Only the weighted GPA is on the transcript that is shared with colleges. If asked to provide just one GPA, we will provide the weighted GPA unless instructed otherwise by the student or if specifically requested by a college or scholarship.



As a policy, UIC College Prep does not report disciplinary infractions to colleges. It is up to the student to self-report on their college applications if asked.