Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

What is the school mission?

UIC College Prep prepares students from under-resourced communities to use their college degrees and careers to make a positive multigenerational change.

If I have questions about the high school, whom should I call? 

Your student’s advisor is your best source of information. They will be advising your student for the next four years and will have up-to-date information regarding your student’s academics, discipline, and promotion requirements and can help be your and your student’s advocate.

Where can I find information about UIC College Prep’s rules & regulations?

The parent handbook and student handbook can be found under the tab “Parent Handbook”

If my child is having difficulty in class, whom do I call? 

Our teachers are available via email and telephone. If your student is having trouble in a specific class, contact the teacher immediately. Together, you will be able to create an action plan to get your student back on track.

If I feel my child is being bullied or harassed, whom do I call? 

Bullying will not be tolerated at UIC College Prep. If you suspect your child is being bullied, make sure to document the event, especially if it is done via Facebook or email.  If problems persist, contact UIC College Prep’s Dean of Discipline.

If I want to be more involved in the high school, where can I find information? 

There will be sign ups for various events happening during the school year located on the UICCP Online Portal. If you would like to organize an event that has not been advertised, contact either your student’s advisor, the teacher/coach leading the club or sport that you would like to benefit from the event.

UICCP Online Portal

Where can I find information on clubs & activities?   

Students will receive a listing of clubs and other enrichment activities that UIC College Prep plans to sponsor, each semester. Information regarding when and where these activities meet can be located under the “Event Calendar” link on the UICCP Online Portal.

If my child is playing a sport, where can I get schedule updates or cancellation information? 

Information regarding games and other events can be located under the “Event Calendar” on the homepage or through the link on the UICCP Online Portal. There is always a chance of last minute cancellations, and you are unsure, please contact the operation team at (312) 768-4858.

Is academic help available after school? 

Every teacher offers “Office Hours,” in which they are available before and/or after school to help students with any area that they are struggling in. You can refer to the teacher's web page under the student portal for office hour times and locations.

How do students purchase breakfast or lunch at school?

Students purchase breakfast and lunch using their school ID. Parents will receive a monthly statement describing how many times the student ate, and the cost. As a parent, you can also track this information online, through Powerschool.

What type of lunches/containers are they allowed to bring to lunch?

Students are allowed to bring in healthy bagged lunches. Please keep in mind that the students do not have access to a microwave during lunch, so they will not be able to heat any meals.

Is there a school year calendar?  To indicate records day, parent/teacher conferences breaks and holidays?  

The event calendar lists any days that students have off, and can be located on the homepage.

When should I start planning for college?  

Students and their families should start planning for college on the first day of school, when entering as freshmen. Advisors will help to facilitate four college tour visits every year. There will be opportunities for students to attend during spring break either an Ivy League, or Midwest college tour. Students will experience in each class, curriculum that is geared towards preparing students for the rigors of college.

What resources for college admissions does the school provide for the students?

At UIC College Prep, our college counselor, Ms. Ballard, helps students to search and apply for summer college programs starting freshmen and sophomore year. Ms. Ballard has an extensive list of colleges and universities that plan to visit UIC College prep throughout the school year, and makes it known to all students when and where they can meet these admission officers. Junior and Senior parents have access to a college planning website called “Naviance.” Access to this site can be found under the useful links section of our homepage.

What forms do I need to have ready for my student to start the financial aid process?  

Starting Junior year, we will do a mock FAFSA (The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form that will help determine a student’s eligibility for federal student financial aid). Students will need to bring in their families most up to date tax papers (1040A, 1040EZ, etc). At that point, advisors and the college counselor will help students fill out their FAFSA.

How can I get access to PowerSchool?

PowerSchool is a great resource for parents to stay up-to-date with their student’s academic progress. At the start of the school year, you will receive your Parent PowerSchool username and password. You can change your password once you log on to the site for the first time. If you ever lose your log-in or password, you can email, call, or visit your child’s advisor, and they can provide you with the help you need. Students also have access to PowerSchool, with their own log-in and password. PowerSchool can be accessed by clicking on the “PowerSchool” link, under the "Resoureces for Parents" menu in the right column. You can also log in here:


My child received a LaSalle on the first day of school. What is LaSalle?

A student will receive a LaSalle ticket if they did not complete a homework assignment to the teacher’s satisfaction and/or did not complete the assignment at all. Students are required to extend their school day and attend LaSalle if they have been issued a ticket. The consequence for not attending LaSalle is a 3 hour detention on Friday. LaSalle runs Monday- Thursday from 4:15pm until 5:30pm, and Friday from 1:45pm until 3:00pm. Students are expected to check in prior to the start time of LaSalle with all materials and the positive attitude necessary to complete the assignment. Student that are 1-3 minutes late to LaSalle will receive 2 demerits. Students that are tardy more than 3 minutes, will earn 4 demerits. Students should notify parents during afternoon advisory that their school day has been extended due to receiving a LaSalle.

My child has received a letter explaining s/he has to attend SPARC. What is SPARC?

SPARC stands for Students Prioritizing Academics to Reach College. Students who are not in good academic standing because they have one or more F’s, are expected to attend SPARC until they become in good academic standing. Students here complete their homework, study and receive tutoring. It is mandatory, that students attend SPARC Tuesday-Thursday, weekly until they are in good academic standing.